Commercial Building Security Tipsold_opera_house
Exterior and building:
  • Take a look around your building; are there places for the burglar to hide, if so rearrange the environment, in order to deter criminal activity and loitering.
  • Ensure proper lighting at night. Is your lighting being concealed by trees or other items?
  • Keep shrubbery trimmed below windows and by doors.
  • Spot weld pins on hinges or place pins in the hinges.
  • Maintain exterior security cameras.
  • Secure roof access.
  • “In case of an emergency contact” should be displayed on door.
  • Use alert sensors at doors.
  • Keep windows clear of signs and advertisement.
  • Use security monitoring equipment (maintain and check monthly.)
  • Don’t leave cash in registers (leave registers open at the end of the day.)
  • Situate the cash register, so it can be visible from the outside.
  • Bolt safes to the ground and close properly.
  • Use an alarm monitoring system (check monthly, provide different access codes to employees.)
  • To deter theft, don’t leave items close to the door or situate displays in a manner someone could conceal themselves.
  • Greet all customers, making eye contact. (Customers like attention, robbers do not.)
  • Place color height markers at your doors.
  • Be alert of your surroundings when approaching and leaving your building.
  • Never re-open your business for anyone after closing.  If it doesn’t feel right, contact law enforcement.
  • Use bait money.  List a few of the serial numbers.
  • Use a drop box for deposits.
  • Never resist and always comply, immediately call 911.
  • Quickly write down a description of the robber and watch their direction of travel or the use of any vehicles.
  • Lock your doors and preserve the crime scene.
  • Have someone accompany you, when making bank deposits.
  • Never respond to an alarm by yourself wait in the area for law enforcement.
  • Does the DeSoto County Sheriff’s Office have your key holder contact information?