Inmates in DeSoto County Jail receive mail Monday through Friday. Incoming mail must be in the form of a post card not to exceed 4 x 6 in size. If multiple post cards are sent to an inmate, each postcard must have separate postage and be addressed properly. There is not a limit on the amount of incoming mail an inmate may receive. Handmade postcards may not be accepted by the U.S. Post Master. Please check with your local post office if you have questions regarding the type of postcard used. Do not place postcards in envelopes. No staples, glue, tape, stickers, perfume, make-up, glitter (to include glitter pens), 3D items, or foreign objects are allowed on postcards. Each postcard must contain the inmates name and a return address. Greeting cards will not be accepted. If you are wishing to mail a greeting card, it must be cut in two parts and mailed in as a postcard. If any of these rules are violated it could cause the incoming mail to be returned to the sender. If any mail is returned to sender the inmate will be informed in writing.  If you have any other questions regarding mail procedures, please contact the DeSoto County Jail at 863-993-4710.


Inmates at the DeSoto County Jail may have 10 photos in their possession.  If you would like to mail photos to an inmate they may be placed in an envelope.  Each envelope may contain up to 10 photos.  Any envelope containing photos must clearly be marked “Photos” on the outside of the envelope.  Photos must be 4 x 6 in size and printed on photo paper. No wallets or larger photos will be accepted.  No letters, postcards, money orders, or other objects can be placed inside an envelope containing photos.  The envelope must contain photos only.  If any of these rules are violated, it could cause the mail to be returned to the sender.  

Personal photos mailed in the form of a post card, meaning each photo contains writing on the back, a return address, the inmate’s name, and separate postage, will be considered photos and will count towards the inmate’s 10 photos.  They will not be considered post cards.  

Photos containing any of the following will be considered inappropriate and will be returned to sender;

  • Nudity
  • Midriff or Cleavage
  • Gang Signs, to include peace signs and the middle finger “bird”
  • Alcohol or drugs
  • Sexual gestures or poses
  • Lingerie or see through clothing
  • Weapons

Photo content and inappropriateness is at the discretion of the staff member scanning the mail.  If any photo is deemed inappropriate and is returned to sender the inmate will be informed in writing.  If you have any other questions regarding photo procedures, please contact the DeSoto County Jail at 863-993-4710.                        


Inmates at the DeSoto County Jail may order commissary once weekly.  Inmates may order up to $100.00 in commissary and $35.00 in phone time each week.  Inmates on disciplinary status or other statuses may be restricted on commissary and phone privileges during the length of their status.

There are several ways to put money in an inmates account;

  • ON SITE:
    • There is a reverse ATM machine located in the main lobby of the DeSoto County Sheriff’s Office. This machine accepts cash and credit cards.
  • BY MAIL:
    • You may mail in money orders.  Money orders must be in an envelope and must contain the inmate name and the sender’s name.  Envelopes will need to be properly marked “MONEY ORDER” on the outside of the envelope.  No staples, glue, tape, stickers, perfume, make-up, glitter (to include glitter pens), 3D items, or foreign objects are allowed.  No letters, postcards, photos, or other objects can be placed inside an envelope containing money orders.  The envelope must contain a money order only.  If any of these rules are violated, it could cause the mail to be returned to the sender.

** Any inmate released from custody prior to receiving a commissary order will have 30 days from the date of release to retrieve the commissary from the DeSoto County Jail. After 30 days’ time, the commissary will be donated to a charitable cause.  No refunds for unclaimed commissary will be given.  Once phone time is purchased, we are unable refund an inmates account for unused time.

If you have any other questions regarding commissary or inmate accounts, please contact the DeSoto County Jail at 863-993-4710.                       


The DeSoto County Jail currently uses PayTel Communications as the inmate phone provider.  In order to communicate with an inmate in the DeSoto County Jail by phone, a PayTel account may need to be set up.  You may contact PayTel Communications at 1-800-729-8355.  Inmates are able to purchase up to $35.00 in phone time each week from their inmate account funds.  Phone privileges may be restricted if an inmate is on any type of disciplinary status or other status. 


Notary services are available to inmates through a request system.                     


Cash bonds or surety bonds can be posted through the jail lobby located at the East side of the DeSoto County Sheriff’s Office.  If you wish to wait for the inmate to be released, you may wait for the subject in the jail parking lot located on the south side of the building.  Release times may vary.  Please allow an hour for processing before calling on the status of a subject who is scheduled to be released.  Bond information for a subject can be obtained through the Inmate Search section of this website or by calling the DeSoto County Jail at 863-993-4710.                      


Inmates of the DeSoto County Jail may release certain property items by completing a Property Release Form. This form is required and must be filled out prior to the release of any property. The releasing of certain items is restricted.  ID is required to pick up any property.  Property is released through the jail lobby located at the East side of the DeSoto County Sheriff’s Office.  If property is not picked up prior to an inmates release from custody, the property will be released with the inmate.  No property will remain in custody of the DeSoto County Jail.  In the event that property is left behind it will be considered abandoned.  The inmate to whom the property belongs will be contacted using means available to the DeSoto County Jail.  The inmate will have 60 days from the date of notice to claim the abandoned property.  Any abandoned property left unclaimed after a total of 90 days from the date of release of the subject will be disposed of according to F.S.S. 705.103. If you are arriving to the DCSO Jail to pick up property, then go to the Jail Lobby located on the north side of the Sheriff's Office.


Chaplaincy at the DeSoto County Jail is a service to the individuals currently in the custody of the Jail. The programs offered are for the benefit of the detainees and are offered without any pressure to participate. Some of the many services offered through the chaplain are as follows:

Distribution of Materials - Detainees are encouraged to request reading materials and religious items from the Chaplain. These items are distributed freely and are available only in response to a written request from the detainee. A variety of reading material are offered to include: different varieties of the Bible, Quran, AA Big Books as well as devotional materials available upon request.

Religious Services - Religious Services are offered throughout the jail weekly. There is a group service led by a female visiting clergy for women. There is also multiple visiting male clergies that visit each housing location for the males within the facility. All Clergy are encouraged to spend time in personal interaction with the detainees who request.

Self-Improvement Courses - Detainees who wish to engage in self-improvement studies have several opportunities available to them. Some of these courses are religious in nature and some are more secular. Since space is limited within the facility, the courses are offered on an individual study basis. The women have a course called “House of Healing. A Guide to Inner Power and Freedom” which is taught in a class setting by a female chaplain.

Counseling - Both a male and a female chaplain are on call at all times for any detainee who requests a visit from clergy. We also arrange clergy visits to specific detainees upon request. For family emergencies or death notifications, we visit the detainee affected in a private setting and we work with the Jail staff to allow a phone call to their family.

General Chaplaincy - A chaplain or chaplain team visitor makes contact with each housing location throughout the jail at least once a week. General welfare, simple conversation and comfort of the detainees is the object of these visits. Any needs are reported to a chaplain and if needed, by him/her to the Administration of the Jail.

The DeSoto County Jail Chaplain is Chaplain Thomas Simmons with Florida Baptist Chaplain Ministries

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