Victim's Rights & Services


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As you go through the criminal or juvenile justice process, you will at some point, be working with a Victim Advocate. Both, the Desoto County Sheriff’s Office and the Arcadia Police Department have Victim of Advocacy Programs in place. Your Victim Advocate can assist you by providing the following services:

  • Information on cases
  • Emotional support to victims and witnesses of crime.
  • Information and referral to community agencies
  • Assistance in filing for Crime Compensation
  • Courtroom orientation and accompaniment
  • Help with filing for an Injunction
  • Help with victim Impact Statement 
Desoto County Sheriff's Office Victim’s Advocate                         
Al’Jeana Hoskins
208 E. Cypress Street
Arcadia, Fl. 34266
863-993-4700  ext: 2294   

Arcadia Police Department
725 N. Brevard Ave.

Arcadia, Fl. 34266