ATM Safety Tips!

  • Try to avoid using an ATM by yourself
  • If possible, avoid using an ATM after dark, otherwise, choose one that is well lighted and is not blocked by tall bushes.
  • When you arrive at an ATM, look around. If you see anything that makes you uncomfortable or anyone who looks suspicious, do not stop. Either use an ATM at a different location or come back later. Notify authorities.
  • Have your access card and any other paperwork you need ready when you approach the ATM.
  • Even while using the ATM, stay alert to your surroundings. Look up and around every few seconds while transacting your business.
  • When your transaction is finished, be sure you have your card and your receipt and leave immediately. Avoid counting or otherwise displaying large amounts of cash.
  • As you leave, be alert for anything or anyone who appears suspicious. if you think you are being followed, go to an area with a lot of people and call 911.
  • Protect your Personal Identification Number (PIN). Do not enter your PIN if anyone else can see the screen. do not use spouse, children, maiden or pet names for the PIN number. Shield you PIN from onlookers by using you body.