Prevent Firearm Accidents
It is the parent's responsibility to ensure firearms in the home are locked and put away from children. Kids must learn that guns are not toys.  Pursuant to Florida State Statute 790.174 "A person who stores or leaves, on a premise under his or her control, a loaded firearm, as defined in s. 790.001, and who knows or reasonably should know that a minor is likely to gain access to the firearm without the lawful permission of the minor’s parent or the person having charge of the minor, or without the supervision required by law, shall keep the firearm in a securely locked box or container or in a location which a reasonable person would believe to be secure or shall secure it with a trigger lock, except when the person is carrying the firearm on his or her body or within such close proximity thereto that he or she can retrieve and use it as easily and quickly as if he or she carried it on his or her body."

There is at least one firearm in more than half of American households today. Even if no one in your family owns a firearm, chances are someone you know does. Your child could come in contact with a firearm at a neighbor's house, when playing with friends, or under circumstances outside your home. It is critical that your  child knows what to do in the event he or she encounters a firearm. 

Firearm Safety
There is no particular age to begin the conversation regarding firearm safety. A good indication of when is as soon as the child becomes interested in toy guns or firearms in general. Talk honestly and openly about firearms instead of ordering him or her to "stay out of the gun closet." Such statements stimulate a child's natural curiosity to investigate further. Also, it is encouraged to discuss with children regarding the difference between toy guns and firearms in real life. Children can become confused with firearms and the consequences of an action from them.

Safe Gun Motto
There are safety programs such as
 the NRA's Eddie Eagle GunSafe© Program which may assist with teaching a child EDDIEthat if they find a gun: STOP! Don't Touch. Leave the Area. Tell an Adult.
Cable Gun Locks
Cable Gun locks are a relatively cheap way to hinder the use of firearms by young children. However, with the use of the Internet, older kids can figure out how to break such locks; therefore we encourage tougher preventions such as hard case safes.

The National EddieEaglePosterRifle Association provides videos and brochures freely to parents and/or adults who would want to provide training to children about gun safety. To receive a copy call (800) 231-0752.