E Vitali

Sergeant Ethan Vitali began his career with the DeSoto County Sheriff’s Office in April of 2017. In January of 2021, he was promoted to Road Patrol Corporal. In June of 2021, he was promoted to Road Patrol Sergeant. 

During his time with the DeSoto County Sheriff’s Office, Sergeant Vitali has received certifications in Speed Measurement (RADAR and LIDAR) and Crisis Intervention. He has also attended classes for drug interdiction, fraud investigations, and Glock Armorers. Sergeant Vitali is assigned to Charlie Squad as the shift supervisor and an active member of the DeSoto County Sheriff’s Office SWAT Team.

Sergeant Vitali was raised in DeSoto County and graduated from DeSoto High School in 2015. He attended the Kenneth C. Thompson Institute of Public Safety where he completed the Basic Law Enforcement Academy and continues his education by attending specialized law enforcement training. 


Sergeant Carl Miley has served the DeSoto County Sheriff’s Office for 8 years. He began his employment in 2014 with the Sheriff’s Office. He has served as an agency Field Training Officer for 6 years. He also served on the agency’s SWAT team for seven years, serving as a Shield Operator and Shield Instructor. Sergeant Miley has climbed through the ranks at the Sheriff’s Office beginning with Deputy First Class, Senior Deputy, and then Corporal in August of 2019. Sergeant Miley was promoted to Sergeant in August of 2021, and is currently assigned as the Delta shift supervisor.

Sergeant Miley began his career in 2006 in northwest Florida, where he held the ranks of Police Officer, Deputy, Detective and Corporal. He then went onto a military contracted police officer position where he became lead officer before joining the Sheriff’s Office.

Throughout his law enforcement career, Sergeant Miley has trained in various specialized areas and continues his educational pursuit. These areas include but are not limited to; SWAT School, Tactical Medic training, Narcotics and Dangerous Drug Investigations, Search and Seizure courses, Injury and Death Investigations, Interviews and Interrogations, Crisis Intervention, Child Interview training, Juvenile Sexual Offender Investigations, Introduction into Internet Investigations, and Verbal Judo for Law Enforcement. Moreover, he has taken leadership courses such as Basic Supervision, Supervising Millennials and Line Supervision.

Sergeant Eduardo Trujillo-Vargas began his career at the DeSoto County Sheriff’s Office as a Telecommunicator (dispatch) in August of 2013.  In June of 2014 he completed the 911 Public Safety Telecommunicator Program and became a certified dispatcher. In July of 2014 he was transferred from the Communications Division to the Road Patrol Division and began his law enforcement career, where he attended Sarasota County Technical Institute and completed the Basic Law Enforcement Academy. In May of 2016, Deputy Trujillo, was transferred into the Investigative Division and became a General Crimes Detective. In January of 2017, Deputy Trujillo was then transferred back to the road, and assisted in training new Deputies as a Field Training Officer.  In September of 2017 Deputy Trujillo was transferred to the Narcotics Division, where he remained for several years. In December 2019, Deputy Trujillo was promoted to Corporal of the Road Patrol Division. In October of 2021, he was promoted to the Road Patrol Sergeant, the position which he currently serves this agency.      

During his time, with the DeSoto County Sheriff’s Office, Sergeant Trujillo completed over eight hundred hours of training, to include Field Training Officer Course, Tactical High Risk Search Warrant, Speed Measurement, Basic Supervisory Course, Criminal Law, CVSA Examiners Course, Crisis Intervention Training, Courtroom Testimony, Less Lethal Instructor Course, and is a Glock Armorer. 

Sergeant Trujillo was raised in DeSoto County, where he graduated and is currently attending a private University to obtain his degree.  

Sgt. PlymaleSergeant Matthew Plymale joined the DeSoto County Sheriff's Office's in 2013. Sergeant Plymale worked on Uniformed Road Patrol before joining the Criminal Investigations Unit as a Detective.  There he was promoted to the rank of Corporal in the Agriculture Unit, where he served the community for several years.  Sergeant Plymale has over one thousand hours of specialized Law Enforcement Training.  This training includes; Speed Measurement, Hostage Negotiations, Interviews and Interrogations, Injury and Death Investigations, SWAT Sniper School and FWC Airboat Operator School among others.  Sergeant Plymale served as the 2021-2022 Vice President of the Florida Agriculture Crimes Unit where he represented DeSoto County. Sergeant Plymale is an active member on the SWAT Team and is currently their Sniper.  

Sergeant Plymale was raised in DeSoto County.  He graduated from DeSoto County High School and attended Florida State University where he obtained a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Criminology and Public Administration/Emergency Management.  He attended the Pat Thomas Law Enforcement Academy where he completed the Basic Law Enforcement Academy.