The School Resource Deputy (SRD) Program places Law Enforcement Deputies in schools with the goal of creating and maintaining a safe and secure environment for students, teachers, staff, and visitors.  There are currently six (6) DeSoto County Sheriff’s Deputies assigned to the School Resource Deputy Program.

Dep. Alonso TeachingThe School Resource Deputy Program is overseen by Command Level Staff. 
School Resource Deputies are assigned full time to six (6) of the eight (8) schools within the DeSoto School Resource Deputies are specially trained, State-Certified, Sworn Deputy Sheriffs who provide a uniformed presence to each school campus they are assigned to.  They are prepared and trained to protect the students, faculty and visitors.  SRD's conduct criminal investigations and patrol their assigned schools. County School District. SRD's are present during the academic school year, summer schools and extra curricular activities. The SRD Program is considered one of the most proactive strategies in community-oriented policing and crime prevention. 
Deputies assigned to the SRD Unit receive numerous hours of specialized training through the Florida Department of Law Enforcement-Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission, the Florida Attorney General’s Office, and the Florida Association of School Resource Officers. This training encompasses core concepts for an effective School Resource Deputy. Those concepts are Law Enforcement and Informal Counselor.

The SRD Program is based on a cooperative relationship between law enforcement deputies, teachers, school personnel and parents. It develops a positive relationship between the SRD and students.

Each School Resource Deputy has gained a wealth of information over his or her career, which is shared with the students, their parents and the school’s staff. Each school and individual student has different needs, but the School Resource Deputy is there to help assist and develop a positive Law Enforcement relationship with all who they encounter.

Our School Resource Deputies conduct classroom presentations 
on a variety of subjects including: law related education, crime and violence prevention, safety, and alcohol and drugs prevention. The deputies who are assigned as School Resource Deputies are passionately invested in their schools and proud to be serving the families of DeSoto County.

School Resource Deputies are assigned to a school on a long-term basis so that they can become familiar with their school's specific needs as well as the specific needs of the individual students and staff. SRD's assist the school with providing a safe environment while offering the students an approachable and positive role model.

The School Resource Deputy Program is part of Sheriff Potter’s dedication to “Community Partnership”, in that the deputies assigned to a school possess the skills to build relationships, solve problems, and enforce the law; while focusing on the quality of life within the school and the community the school serves. The School Resource Deputies accomplish this by being proactive and community oriented.