By far, the most recognizable unit of the DeSoto County Sheriff’s Office is the Uniformed Patrol Division. Deputy Sheriffs assigned to Road Patrol put their lives on the line every day protecting the citizens of DeSoto County. 

While patrolling the 640 square miles of territory that make up DeSoto County, Deputy Sheriff’s respond to a wide range of criminal and non-criminal calls for service. Deputies strive to meet the needs of the citizens and visitors of DeSoto County. Their priority is the safety and security of all who they have sworn to serve. Their constant training, on the job experience and life experience allow them to be able to handle many types of stressful situations. 
Deputies must possess in-depth knowledge of the law and its application and are trained in self-defense, pursuit driving, first aid, evidence collection, criminal investigation, DUI recognition and enforcement, interviewing techniques, computers, and much more. As professionals, the Deputies of the DeSoto County Sheriff’s Office are continuously learning in order to provide a better service to the public.

Deputies are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond to the needs of the public and provide professional law enforcement services.

Dep. Friend Traffic StopLieutenant Vitali Traffic Stop