First Lieutenant Jose L Raya started his career with the DeSoto County Sheriff’s Office on June 01, 2004.  He was assigned as a detective in the Criminal Investigative Division on December 17, 2007.  He was promoted to the rank of detective corporal on January 01, 2013 and then promoted to detective sergeant on September 01, 2013.   He was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant on June 01, 2016. In January 2021, he was promoted to the rank of First Lieutenant.

Lieutenant Raya is the Assistant Bureau Commander for the support bureau.  He oversees the Criminal Investigative Division, Narcotics Investigative Division, Crime Scene/Evidence, Communications, Records/Warrants, Janitorial Services, and the Sheriff’s Office Victims Advocate.

Lieutenant Raya has over 1,700 hours of specialized training.  This training includes Law Enforcement Academy, Homicide and Crime Scene Management, Speed Measurement, Investigative Interview, Basic and Advanced Fingerprint Comparison, Kinesics Interviews, Injury and Death, Internal Affairs Investigations, Advanced Cell Phone Investigations, Basic SWAT School, Crimes against Children, Sex Crimes, Criminal Law, Case Preparation and Court Presentation, FBI LEEDA Trilogy training and over one hundred other specialized classes.

Lieutenant Raya is an Army National Guard Veteran and served one tour in Iraq.  Lieutenant Raya is the team leader of the DeSoto County Sheriff’s Office SWAT (Specialized Weapons and Tactics) team, a member of the Dive Team, a graduate of the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigations) National Academy Session 269 which is a ten week training program geared towards leadership and health training through the FBI, and a graduate of the commanders academy.

Contact information:
First Lieutenant Jose Raya
DeSoto County Sheriff's Office
208 East Cypress Street
Arcadia Florida 34266
863-993-4700 Ext. 2248

CrossLieutenant Jenny Cross started her career in Law Enforcement as a Telecommunications Operator in 2001 at the Arcadia Police Department. She graduated the Law Enforcement Academy in 2006 and joined the DeSoto County Sheriff's Office in 2011. She served in the Civil Process section and was promoted to Corporal of the Evidence/Crime Scene Section in 2015. In 2017, she earned the rank of Sergeant and was promoted to Staff Sergeant in 2018 and supervised the Communications, Evidence and Crime Scene sections of the Sheriff's Office. She was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant in 2019.

Lieutenant Cross has over 18 years of experience in various areas of Law Enforcement including Evidence, Crime Scene Investigation, Code Enforcement, Persons and Property Crimes Investigations, Civil Process, Communications, Teletype, Records, and Warrants. She has Advanced Leadership training and is a General Law Enforcement and Emergency Medical Dispatch Instructor. She holds multiple training certifications in disciplines associated with her areas of focus at the Sheriff's Office. Lieutenant Cross is a native DeSoto County resident from birth and graduated from DeSoto County High School in 1999.

Contact Information:
Lieutenant Jenny Cross
DeSoto County Sheriff's Office
208 East Cypress Street
Arcadia, Florida 34266
863-993-4700 Ext. 2233