Pitts 3Captain Joshua Pitts began serving with the DeSoto County Sheriff’s Office in 2012. From 2012 to 2014 he served as a Detention Deputy in the Detention Bureau. He was promoted to Corporal in 2014 and just two months later to the rank of Sergeant. He was appointed to Lieutenant in March of 2017, then appointed to the rank of Captain in August of 2020 for the Detention Bureau.

Captain Pitts has logged over 2000+ training hours in the Corrections Field. He has obtained training in Middle Management, Supervisor Leadership Institute, Command Leadership Institute, Executive Leadership Institute, Managing the FTO program, Police Internal Affairs, Certified Locksmith, General Instructor Techniques  and among other training in the Corrections Field and Leadership. Captain Pitts has also graduated from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement Senior Leadership Program and completed the FBI-Law Enforcement Executive Development Association Trilogy. Cpt. Pitts also completed the Corrections to Law Enforcement Cross Over Academy in 2021. 

Captain Pitts moved to DeSoto county in 2012 from active duty in the United States Air Force. Prior to that, he worked for the Department of Corrections at Union Correctional Institute. Cpt. Pitts uses his free time to teach and coach Baseball to the youth of DeSoto County.

Contact Information:
Captain Joshua Pitts
DeSoto County Sheriff's Office

208 East Cypress Street
Arcadia, Florida 34266
863-993-4700 ext: 2260